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Dr. Reed is a Podiatrist trained at USC / UCSF, is a board certified podiatrist with 25 years of podiatry experience who serves Yorba Linda, Placentia, Brea & Fullerton.  The podiatrist is top ranked for many reasons including providing the highest level of podiatric care in treating each patient with compassion and a genuine concern for their overall health.  Thank you for choosing our podiatrist web site.  Many Podiatry topics are covered including bunion treatment, wound care, heel pain, diabetic neuropathy, foot orthotics, hammertoes, ingrown toenail, neuroma pain, and running injuries.  A podiatrist search portal and online podiatry consultations are also available.

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Extraordinary Podiatrists!

Podiatrists Dr. Mark Reed and Dr. Melanie Reed have 25 years of experience and graduated from the USC Podiatry Medical School.  Both Podiatrists completed their residency at University of California, San Francisco -- considered the top Podiatry Surgical and Wound Care Residency in the United States. Both Podiatrists are Board Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and are Wound Care Fellows by the American Professional Wound Care Association. Dr. Mark Reed further specializes in Sports Medicine in having a undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, was an NCAA Collegiate All-American in Water Polo and has been treating professional to youth athletes for 25 years.

Extraordinary Patient Care!

The Podiatrists invite you to experience the highest level of podiatric care by a compassionate and gentle podiatrist who has a long proven track record of resolving foot problems both on a conservative basis and as a foot and ankle surgeon optimizing patient comfort while administering the most advanced podiatry techniques available to insure your optimal comfort. We have a modern immaculate office that has friendly experienced staff.  Both Podiatrist are dedicated to unhurried office visits to insure your podiatry questions are answered and to provide through explanations.

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As a patient, you can trust you are in good hands with top rated Podiatrists Mark Reed, DPM and Melanie Reed, DPM.  The approach for all patients is taking the conservative road and only pursuing surgical intervention when necessary. Most patients experience minimal pain compared due to the advanced techniques developed in over 25 years in practice. When surgery is required, after exhausting alternative treatments, the patient is treated based on a partnership of trust as related to family, sports, work and vacation commitments. Almost all procedures are performed on an outpatient basis using conscious sedation and /or local anesthesia with an emphasis on maximizing the patient's comfort. Almost all procedures are performed on an outpatient basis using conscious sedation and /or local anesthesia with an emphasis on maximizing the patient's comfort.

A team Approach to Care!

Patient care is a team effort by the patient and the Podiatrist. Most procedures are performed in office under local anesthesia such as treating an ingrown toenail and hospital procedures are usually reserved for more involved procedures. When surgery is required, most procedures are performed at Placentia-Linda Hospital under conscious sedation. As a patient you can be assured that your Podiatrist is available in that both Dr. Mark Reed and Dr. Melanie Reed can be reached in calling their cell phone 24 hours a day if there is an urgent issue. Prior to any procedure, patients are educated on all aspects of their procedure to insure the patient knows how to achieve the best possible outcome.


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Podiatrists Dr. Mark Reed and Dr. Melanie Reed
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